Food Grade Grease

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Food grade grease food plant

Food grade lubricants, including greases and oils, are an important part of the maintenance regime for all areas where food and food packaging items are manufactured, prepared or processed.

Contamination from improper lubrication can cause physiological damage in humans and have a poor effect on the smell and taste of the food items.

Food grade grease applications

Food grade grease is used to ensure that machinery and parts stay running at optimum performance, prevent moving parts from seizing and eliminates unnecessary downtime caused by worn equipment. There are many uses for food grade grease, primarily in the following applications:

  • Food processing machinery such as packaging machines, bottling machines and cookers.
  • Food processing equipment parts such as conveyor parts, rollers and guide rails.
  • Working parts such as valves, hydraulics and chains, motors and gearboxes.
  • Cam and conveyor mechanisms.

How can NCH Lubricants help?

NCH Lubricants supplies a superior range of food grade silicone lubricants, release agents, penetrates and anti-seize compounds, all designed to increase the life of your machinery and equipment, reduce downtime in production, prevent rust, corrosion and tarnish, and save you money by reducing the need for expensive parts replacements.

Our products meet stringent health and safety standards and are authorised for use in food grade applications. View our range of food grade grease products here. If you’re unsure which product you require or would like expert advice on the most appropriate lubrication for your application, get in touch and one of our NCH Lubricants team will be happy to help.