Industrial Lubricants

Boost equipment performance with industrial strength solutions from NCH Lubricants.

NCH Lubricants is one of the largest suppliers of industrial lubricants for use is heavy duty applications worldwide.

  • Heavy equipment – our range of lubricants, greases and oils are suitable for heavy equipment across a range of sectors such as excavation and demolition, mining, pier and bridge construction and many more.
  • Manufacturing – we supply lubricants to many manufacturing plants throughout Asia, including chemical processing plants, utility plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, smelters and foundries.
  • Food processing – our food-grade lubricants are authorised for use in food processing plants, including meat and poultry, food packaging and canning, confectionary manufacturers and more.
  • Transportation – we supply lubricants, oils and greases designed for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, lorries, utility vehicles, road vehicles, cranes and forklift trucks.

Our range of lubricants are the latest in advanced technology – they have been extensively researched and developed in a laboratory environment, rigorously tested in the field and meet rigid quality control standards.

NCH Lubricants will eliminate downtime, keep your parts moving and provide superior protection with our range of specialty products and advanced technical skills.

 Our lubrication industry experts ensure that our customers will receive the latest innovative solutions, delivering protection against harsh environmental conditions, heavy loads, and providing our customers with savings. NCH Lubricants ensures that our products and services will reduce downtime, labor costs and parts replacements. 


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Industrial lubricants

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