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Since 1919, NCH has been committed to delivering superior solutions to the industrial and commercial maintenance industry. Our dedication to providing innovative products and services to our customers has made us a global leader. With NCH, customers can be sure that their facilities and equipment are running at optimum condition at a reduced cost.

In over 50 countries, our solutions and expertise are relied upon by companies seeking to solve maintenance problems with the most innovative and effective products and services. Explore our specialties below and discover how NCH could improve operations for your business.

Our Specialities

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NCH delivers products and solutions to a scope of commercial businesses - from restaurants and bars to hotels and hospitals. Whether you’re looking for general maintenance products to ensure cleanliness and safety or a more specialist solution for tackle water treatment problems, NCH products and services ensure your buildings, equipment and machinery are always running at peak performance.

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NCH industry


NCH provides high quality, heavy-duty solutions to meet the challenges of industry head on: from lubricants to industrial degreasers, acid descalers to biological solutions. You can be sure that your business is running at optimum performance through minimized downtime, extended machinery life and reduced costs.

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NCH Infrastructure


With our long history of providing best-in-class maintenance solutions and support to a host of infrastructure industries, you can be sure you’re in good hands with NCH. Learn more about how we can tackle any problem you may have - from lubrication and engine protectant for equipment, to more complex technologies for wastewater systems.

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