EcoSTORM & FreeFlow Water Treatment Solutions

NCH Asia Pacific is a worldwide provider of EcoSTORM & FreeFlow water treatment solutions, along with quality maintenance products, services, and customized solutions, with a presence in over 60 countries and five continents. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep research and development at a high standard, with our products and solutions at the forefront. We provide our clients with more than 500 high-quality, patented products. Our international wealth of experience means our customers are satisfied, especially with our customer service.

We find that most wastewater treatment customers experience the following:

  • Different production schedules stress the WTP, causing inefficiencies in the system.
  • Foul odors throughout the wastewater treatment plant due to high levels of hydrogen sulfide.
  • High BOD, COD, TSS, and FOG effluent readings causing fines and surcharges in many cases.
  • Sludge buildup in wastewater treatment plants requiring frequent, costly sludge removal.

Other treatments such as filtration, excessive aerations, flocculation products, and spore/powder bacteria often result in these issues for many customers.

  • Expensive to maintain and hard to monitor.
  • Costly process for oxidizing organic wastes.
  • Produces lots of solids (scum) for disposal, which creates expense.
  • Use of unsuitable bacteria.
  • Not cost-effective.

EcoSTORM & FreeFlow

With EcoStorm & FreeFlow water treatment systems in place, you can look no further for a powerful lateral drain solution.

EcoStorm is a stand-alone unit that delivers the equivalent of 60 liters of traditional liquid-based products every day. This highly advanced water treatment technology uses NCH’s Active Spore Technology that activates spore bacteria within 5 minutes of dosing to the drain. With EcoSTORM, there are no requirements for power or water connections, chemical drums stored on the floor, or messy dosing pumps. Many lateral drains can be small and confined, making EcoSTORM (combined with FreeFlow) the ideal solution for your drain treatment and needs. For larger-scale drains, our BioAmp & FreeFlow combination may be more suitable.

As soon as FreeFlow bacteria enter the system, they are ready to eat up organic waste as they are fastidious and depend on cleanliness. FreeFlow contains five different types of bacteria that break down the organic waste and transform it into water and CO2, generating more bacteria. FreeFlow’s purpose here is to help create a healthy balance of digesters, which in turn, leads to much less sludge buildup alongside other possible issues.

EcoSTORM & FreeFlow aim to enhance the performance of wastewater streams or drain systems. Just one dose of EcoSTORM equates to 15 liters of conventional liquid bioproduct. From digesting and removing FOG to reducing BOD, COD, TSS, and ammonia to eliminate odors, this combination has many uses and can powerfully help your wastewater needs today.

Thanks to NCH expertise, we have improved degradation with EcoStorm and have discovered how to activate bacillus spores instantly, with faster activation, meaning a more efficient drain treatment. This degradation can be from other sources such as starch, soy oil, lard, butter, sugar, skim milk (protein), and canola.

By using traditional treatments such as solvents and free enzyme products, most bacteria that need removing are flushed through the pre-treatment system before they become active. FreeFlow bacteria make the difference as they are live when they begin to feed and multiply the instant they enter the wastewater drain system. 

When you select NCH Asia Pacific to treat your wastewater problems with EcoSTORM & FreeFlow, we promise to:

  • Eliminate the need for excessive aeration.
  • Eliminate foul odors in the wastewater treatment plant and other areas.
  • Help the facility meet effluent parameters (BOD, COD, TSS & FOG).
  • Clear blocked drain lines, clogs, and back-ups for all systems
  • Control odor problems for drain lines to STPs
  • Manage water parameter control issues
  • Manage bioaugmentation Issues in WTP

How Does the EcoSTORM & Freeflow Combination Work?

EcoSTORM, combined with FreeFlow, creates the most advanced solution for your water treatment. The EcoSTORM system has a compact, sleek design that is versatile, lightweight, and battery-powered. Because this system is fully automated and battery-operated, less electricity is used, and the demand for water is reduced.

Four times per day, live and supercharged FreeFlow bacteria are distributed to your drain line through the EcoSTORM unit. The unit dispenses by utilizing the pump attached to the bottle without need for an electrical source or water line. The EcoSTORM’s controller provides an innovative, fully automated, onsite delivery system for maximum convenience and productivity. This programmable machine makes dosing hands-off and automatic, as well as being completely independent, requiring no action from you or other staff members.

EcoSTORM’s compact system uses FreeFlow to grow and distribute live and activated bacteria into your wastewater treatment plant. FreeFlow bacteria become active during the EcoSTORM growth cycle, allowing live bacteria to enter the wastewater stream or drain system. These live bacteria go straight to work to eliminate blockages and foul odors. This live and activated bacteria then continues to grow in the aeration tank while breaking down, digesting, and converting organic wastes to CO2 and water.

EcoSTORM & FreeFlow are used to treat the following common drain problem areas:

  • Drain lines
  • Kitchen drains
  • Soda machines
  • Lift Stations
  • Condensate lines
  • Fountains
  • Ice machines
  • Refrigerator drain lines
  • Urinals

Our unbeatable and cost-saving applications are different from what other water treatment providers can offer because of our extensive knowledge. This knowledge, combined with our understanding that live bacteria are the key to a successful biological remediation program, makes NCH the best water treatment provider for your business. We work hard to understand which precise solution will work best for each problem, whether it be odor control or bioaugmentation issues.

NCH Asia Pacific has over a decade of knowledge and experience, making our offering the best choice for water treatment solutions. We can help improve your water system's reliability, safety, and accuracy, along with great customer service. Our advanced technology, innovative products, and solutions are also designed, manufactured, and approved by firm ISO 9001 specifications.

Contact NCH and we’ll create a custom water treatment program for your business. Our team of NCH experts is always happy to help.

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