Article | The Importance Of Facilities Management During COVID-19


The role of facilities management departments to counter COVID-19 in business settings has meant new pressures and constant adaptation to ever evolving circumstances.  Teams are required to ensure a safe, productive, and hygienic environment in a whole new way, requiring more time and budget to effectively maintain the facilities and mitigate risk of infection.

As the front line of defense against COVID in a business setting, facilities management staff have had to create new cleaning and disinfection solutions, rewrite stock and ordering solutions, take on new roles and responsibilities, work extra hours, or be redeployed to other areas to ensure a COVID safe environment for all staff and visitors.


Facilities management have had a vital role in the safety, longevity, and productivity of businesses from the start of the pandemic, and continue to be an essential protector of the business and its staff during these unprecedented times. From initial shutdowns as COVID-19 took hold, through maintenance during low use or reduced hours, and back out into a more regular working pattern when the time comes, facilities management is key to the ongoing success of commercial businesses around the world.


As buildings stand empty or little used during the pandemic, there are a number of issues which may arise and require facilities management attention, such as:

  • Debris build up in machinery 

Debris and dust build up can lead to machinery malfunctions, which may decrease efficiency and productivity, cause a fire, or even lead to injury

  • Pest infestation

Infestations of rats, mice, squirrels, wasps, insects and more will thrive in a quiet, less busy environment and may go unnoticed for some time

  • Growth of waterborne bacteria in taps, cooling towers, boilers

Drains, taps and sewer systems which have not been used for a long period of time will contain increased levels of bacteria and causing bad odors and with the potential to make visitors ill

  • Growth of microorganisms in air conditioning, HVAC and ventilation systems 

To protect staff and visitors, it is essential that air quality is protected by cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems before a business reopens


As extra cleaning, regulation and restriction comes into effect, many facilities management teams are utilizing external resources to ensure a complete COVID-19 disinfection and sanitization solution. This not only helps facilities teams put their skills to best use by freeing up time for priority tasks, but is an effective use of budget.

NCH Asia Pacific offers a comprehensive COVID-19 Disinfection Program which facilities management staff can use to keep your business safe and sanitized. The program can be adapted to any public place, commercial property or business including hotels, schools, offices, warehouses, and much more.

Planning for the Future

As business begins to resume or increase and new regular maintenance and sanitization processes become the norm, facilities management teams should be well prepared and have plans for all outcomes, including future virus resurgence. Ensuring your company has new, COVID-19 ready maintenance and safety processes in place helps to ensure the best outcome for your business.

NCH Asia Pacific is dedicated to helping commercial businesses create safe, efficient working environments and working with your facilities management department to offer the best solution for any commercial property. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support your business through COVID-19.

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