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Xodor - Bio-Chemical Algae Remover and Odor Removal Program

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Expel unpleasant odors from industrial sites where various types of odor are generated. Keep your work environment pleasant and fresh.

Xodor foul odor removal program

Working environments need to be clean and fresh. Odors can be very unpleasant for employees and visitors, it is the responsibility of the facility owner to ensure odor sources are eliminated. Common areas that cause foul odors include:

  • Trash disposal areas
  • Washing facilities
  • Food preparation areas

NCH’s odor removal program, Xodor, removes the toughest odors by automatically spraying a bio-chemical deodorizer that uses enzymes and bacteria at a predetermined scheduled time to kill the cause of the smell. This ensures that facilities are free of bad smells caused by industrial waste, excrement, food waste, manure, wastewater and much more. This solution is water-based and biodegradable which means it is safe to use on most fabrics. Xodor removes foul odors by penetrating and digesting the odor at its source.

Benefits of Xodor for industry

  •  In 1 cc of this high-enriched odor remover, there are more than 100 million bacteria which work to immediately remove the root cause of the odor.
  •  Xodor, unlike simple odor masking agents, detects the root cause of the bad smells and suppresses them for a longer period of time.
  •  NCH Bio Chemical has acquired approval from the USDA for its safety and efficiency.
  •  The USDA has approved Xodor as safe for use in food processing facilities.

Here are some cases how NCH’s odor removal program was adapted in industrial sites:

  • Food wastewater treatment facility
  • Excrements disposal facility
  • Manure disposal facility and manure manufacturing facility
  • Butchery wastewater treatment facility

Get in touch with NCH Maintenance for advice on foul odors removal at your facility. Eliminate odor in industrial sites such as food wastewater and wastewater treatment facilities to improve your workplace environment and work efficiency.


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