NCH Taiwan giving back to the society

As soon as the NCH Taiwan staff stepped out of the tour bus, welcome songs were sang by the students of SKIKUN Elementary School. When the staffs came closer, the students started to perform their traditional welcome dance and sang, these songs and dance represented the joys of harvesting and hunting by the Taiya tribe. All the staffs were touched by their lovely dances.

The idea to visit SKIKUN Elementary School came from DongEun Kim, President of NCH Asia. He understood the responsibility of giving back to the society and suggested some activities on KOM’s second day to the SKIKUN Elementary School, which is located deep in the forest in Yilan, would be meaningful.

There are a total of 78 students and 98.9% of them came from vulnerable families. Most of their parents have to work in the big cities and leave their children at home. Besides, these students have to walk to school for at least 30 minutes every day. However, they are optimistic and would sing songs on the way to school. At school, they are loved by their teachers and classmates.

When the NCH Taiwan Operations asked about what the students do need the most

Wu, Wen-Chen, Principal of SKIKUN Elementary School, answered that lack of lunch boxes, lunch bags and Chinese dictionaries are the most urgent issue. Then the NCH Taiwan immediately arranged to send these items to school.

Something funny happened during the visit. Some of the students asked Kim “Are you a foreigner?” Kim answered “Yes, I am from Korea.” All the sudden, the kids became very excited and asked him if he has ever met some of the famous K-Pop stars, such as BlackPink, BTS, Girls’ Generation, and many more.

Before leaving, Kim told the students that he would come to visit them again if available. Although it was a short stay, all the NCH Taiwan staffs felt that this is a meaningful trip and learned a lot from it.




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