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Water treatment chemicals are necessary to prevent scale, corrosion and microbial growth in cooling towers, closed systems and steam boilers. These are all costly problems for many businesses which can be prevented using an innovative, more environmentally friendly system from NCH Chem-Aqua.

Save time and money with solid water treatment solutions from NCH Chem-Aqua

A standard water treatment set-up involves using large drums of liquid chemical to help maintain systems. However, what if you could replace these heavy drums with a small jar of concentrated solid chemistry?

HandiChem from NCH Chem-Aqua delivers all the results of high-performance liquid solutions but with an easier delivery method and a neater, more compact installation. This solid solution offers multiple benefits over liquid treatment programs, including:

  • Eliminated drum storage, handling and disposal issues
  • Easier to use, takes up less space and reduces spill concerns
  • Contains less hazardous chemicals
  • Reduced packaging and shipping weight help to reduce environmental impact
  • Innovative water treatment technology

HandiChem chemicals are provided as solid concentrates in block form or one-gallon recyclable plastic bottles, rather than liquid in drums. The HandiPak Solid Concentrates are dissolved as needed into a small plastic reservoir using a reliable HandiFeed Mixing Board. The feed solution is pumped into the system being treated, just like with liquid chemicals.

Watch the video below to find out more, and contact us today to discover how NCH Chem-Aqua’s HandiChem could transform your water treatment process.


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