NCH Philippines celebrates 50 years in business

The global leader in the industrial and commercial maintenance, NCH Philippines is celebrating its 50th anniversary by providing better solutions to its clients with the launch of a new business group. The NCH facilities will help hotels and hospitality establishments, hospitals and health-care organizations, schools and even commercial buildings to become more effective in a cost-efficient way.

As a trailblazer in industrial maintenance and on its 50th year of business in the Philippines, NCH redefines specialized service and optimized solutions with the product lineup of NCH facilities:

Drains and wastewater solutions were developed for issues, such as fats, oils and grease; biological oxygen demand; total suspended solids; foul odors; sludge buildup; high-energy costs and problems that cause inefficiencies in the system;

HVAC solutions are designed to maintain and increase the effectiveness of every facility’s HVAC systems through the improvement of air quality, system-efficiency, and preventive and predictive maintenance;

The odor-control solutions is designed to solve each unique problem, whether it be the trash areas, grease traps, lift stations or problematic odors in patient or guest rooms; and

The NCH’s maintenance programs allow property-management teams to maximize financial resources by minimizing need for laborious cleaning, maintaining a big inventory of products and eliminating hazards to safety. NCH facilities representatives are specially trained to identify and solve property maintenance issues.

“We believe our clients will benefit from this change, because each NCH Facilities professional will be better trained to help clients maintain equipment and facilities; provide training for clients’ workers; and, as always, we will guarantee every product and service. Be assured when clients have a question or problem. They will always have access to our world-class products, services and technical know-how for immediate help”, said Dong Eun Kim, president of NCH Asia.

NCH Corp. was established in 1919 in Dallas, Texas, and provides over 400 patented products and services to 50 countries around the world with over $1 billion in sales, with the support of more than 8,000 NCH employees. For inquiries on how NCH can help on your facility, e-mail at




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