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NCH Facilities is an industry leader in drain and wastewater maintenance, HVAC and water treatment innovations. As the need for green buildings and sustainability programs have become a priority, NCH Facilities has adapted to accommodate the growing population with products to enable a healthier place to live and work. These products provide customized solutions to help improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, extend equipment life, conserve water and other resources; helping buildings function at peak performance.


ND-66BanishBlue StreakND-165Dr. Zyme
Granular ProductLiquid ProductThickened Liquid ProductLiquid ProductLiquid Product
Apply straight to drainApply straight to drainApply straight to drainDilutes up to 1:15 with waterDilutes 1:1 with water in a spray
Dissolves fat/grease buildupsEliminates uric salts from bathroom drainsRemoves build ups and foul odorsNon-flammable food grade degreaserRids areas of unpleasant odors


ND-66 is a granular product which clears backups and blockages in drains and sewage lines. As fat builds up, the size of a drain reduces and ends up blocked. If the water in a drainage system encounters a full of partial obstruction, the water will redirect itself. This could cause anything from backups and flooding to drainage and low pressure. These issues start as a minor hassle but when left can develop into major damage and expenses.

This product is highly effective for use in places where food is prepared such as hotels, restaurants, and schools. It has a high concentration of active chemicals and metallic chips to loosen the toughest build ups. It is easy to apply, simply add 2-3 spoons straight into the drainage system and the product will begin to turn any fat/grease into a liquid which can then easily pass through the drainage system. ND-66 is a powerful cleaning agent that can dissolve hair and other organic matter without corroding pipework, it works well in large drain lines (2 inches and larger) and sewer lines.

NCH Facilities recommends ND-66 for shock treatment and preventative maintenance of drain and sewer lines, lift stations, grease traps, and interceptors.


Over time, uric acid salts, lime & scale deposits can build up commonly in urinal drains, resulting in blockages and bad odors.

Banish will dissolve the uric salts to maintain free-flowing drains and reduce costly repairs on urinals and toilet bowls. It is a fast working product, with visible results in minutes that will not damage any porcelain surfaces making it an effective product for restaurants, hotels, and schools. Using one-third of a bottle once a fortnight is the recommended treatment and maintenance program by NCH Facilities, to keep bathroom drains free of uric acid salts, lime & scale deposits.

Blue Streak

Blue streak rapidly eliminates backups and foul odors, reducing costly and messy mechanical cleaning.

It works by converting the accumulation of organic matter into a soapy solution that is carried out of the drainage system, a process called saponification. It’s thickened formula doesn’t dissolve in standing water and can travel through drainage systems to reach and restore the problem areas without damaging accessories, pipes, porcelain or rubber.


This water-soluble degreaser is an industrial strength food grade cleaning agent. ND-165 attacks and disperses grease, oil, sludge, carbon, and other stubborn grime and doesn’t leave an oily residue.

This product provides maximum cleaning power with minimum odor so it can be used in enclosed areas where products with strong fumes cannot be used such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals. It is free rinsing and non-flammable, as it doesn’t burn or support combustion it can be used in areas with a source of ignition.

ND-165 dilutes up to 1:15 with water, making it extremely cost-effective and is safe to use on metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, stone, and most painted surfaces.

Dr. Zyme

Dr. Zyme is an enzymatic eliminator of unpleasant odors, it provides a pleasant fragrance whilst the enzymes digest the source of the bad smell. The product is easy to apply, biodegradable, effective against the strongest odors and fast working. On porous surfaces, it can remove odors from hard to reach places such as fabrics and carpets without causing any damage. It is diluted in water 1:1 and applied by spray to cover a larger area.

For use in places such as schools, hotels, hospitals and industrial facilities. Dr. Zyme can be used on carpets/fabrics and also around areas with strong odors such as toilets or bin collections.

NCH Facilities are experts in drain and wastewater treatment programs, contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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