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NCH has launched the water-based Torrent Parts Cleaner, which is designed to clean greasy machine parts and tools up to 10 times faster than existing automatic machines.

While traditional machines use oil-based chemicals to separate the grease from the parts, NCH says the Torrent uses a combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry.

The part is placed in the enclosed unit and the user then manipulates it using integrated industrial-standard gloves to avoid direct contact and prevent mess.

"It uses a water-based cleaning solution along with water, heat and pressure to clean tools or parts," NCH says. "The unique clarifier technology within the system separates contaminants from the cleaning solution, and a powerful NCH detergent in combination with corrosion inhibitors results in a more effective clean."

The company says that 90 per cent of parts can be cleaned in less than 60 seconds.

"By decreasing the exposure to harmful chemicals, users of the Torrent are prevented from coming into contact with hydrocarbons or aggressive cleaning solutions," it says.

"Noxious fumes and fire hazards are eliminated, leading to diminished medical claims. This also makes the Torrent a solution that has less impact on the environment."

NCH has created a Torrent Calculator to assist customers in calculating the return on their investment and offers the Torrent on a lease scheme.

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