Drain and Sewer Cleaner

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NCH Wastewater - drains

Drain and sewer cleaning solutions from NCH Facilities keep even the busiest drains flowing, stopping blockages in their tracks. 

Grease traps are utilised in commercial kitchen drains to trap grease and other kitchen waste. This prevents unwanted waste from entering the sewer system, however some will still manage to bypass the grease trap, causing blockages and buildup in sewer drains. Sanitary sewer drain lines use a separate system to discharge waste from showers, toilets and sinks directly into municipal sewer lines. Both should be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure operational and cost efficiency.


Poor cleaning and maintenance of drain lines and sewer pipes can lead to an accumulation of grease, oil, dirt and organic waste. This can cause a number of issues including:

  • Poor sanitation

  • Drain leakages

  • Foul odors

  • Property damage from flooding caused by FOG buildup


Once this waste has accumulated, it can be difficult to remove. Businesses are facing high maintenance costs and increased downtime, and are also having to undertake inconvenient mechanical cleaning due to blocked drain lines.


Drain Maintenance


Prevention is often cheaper (and easier) than cure. An unpleasant environment caused  by drain problems can lead to unhappy staff and guests, loss of revenue and a damaged reputation.


Take a look at the range of BioAmp systems from NCH Wastewater to ensure your facility is in optimum health, whilst also reducing costs. Alternatively, enquire below to speak to your nearest specialist for help selecting the best drain and sewer cleaner for your requirements.


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