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Swine Farms

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Probiotic Solutions for Swine Farms

Swine Farms experience a variety of problems. The overall animal health status decreases due to stress, disease pressure, and antibiotic overuse and the environment becomes corrupt with foul odors, flies, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These odors not only cause a harsh environment for animals, personnel and surrounding residents, but also reduce the efficiency of weight gain. All the contributing environmental factors lead to high mortality rates and poor production. Wastewater from farms can have high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), foul odors and sludge, which must be lowered to standard levels set by local government.

There are existing products that address these issues, but they do not treat the root of the problems, which cause farms to be less profitable. Our Probiotic System is a unique, patented combination of microbiology, equipment and configuration that treat the root of the problems in Swine Farms.

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Swine Animal Health

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM can be ingested by the pigs through their drinking water or applied by spraying the animals and pens. It results in improved growth performance and health, improved animal hygiene, reduced odor, from ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases.

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swine environment

Swine Environment

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM uses your existing water system to clean through your facility infrastructure, reducing the volume of fecal matter and promoting hygienic working and living conditions.

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swine waste water

Swine Wastewater Treatment

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM improves waste manageability and reduces BOD/COD and TSS in effluent wastewater, reducing sludge volume, and eliminating strong odors.

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