super chemzyme v plus

Super Chemzyme V plus

Liquid Biological Grease Trap and Drain Maintainer Cuts Through Organic Waste

More Information

  • SUPER CHEM-ZYME V PLUS digests fat, oil, grease and other organic wastes in drain lines.
  • SUPER CHEM-ZYME V PLUS contains four types of organism that break down starch, oil, fat, grease, cellulose, carbohydrates and protein.
  • SUPER CHEM-ZYME V PLUS has fast penetration - contains biocompatible BFS/2000* for improved bacterial activity and faster biomass penetration
  • SUPER CHEM-ZYME V PLUS eliminates the waste build- up that causes odors, instead of merely masking odors.
  • SUPER CHEM-ZYME V PLUS coats drain walls with bacteria that guard against new accumulations and help prevent future back-ups.

Liquid Biological Grease Trap, Drain Maintainer