mend con

Mend con

Quick Curing Concrete Patching and Anchoring Compound Dries in Just 15-20 Minutes for Foot Traffic

More Information

  • MEND-CON sets faster than an epoxy. Quick structural strength saves downtime and traffic interruption.
  • MEND-CON forms a permanent bond and becomes part of the structure. It is excellent for anchoring machinery and vibrating equipment
  • MEND-CON is easy to mix and apply. It requires no special personnel or equipment.
  • MEND-CON can be feathered for a smooth and strong bond to concrete.
  • MEND-CON has low heat development and is not a fire or solvent hazard.
  • MEND-CON is twice stronger than conventional concrete with the same bulk density.
  • MEND-CON will expand even after dried and cured.
  • MEND CON takes 1 day to cure compared to normal concrete to reach maximum strength.

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