mega fix it

Mega Fix-IT

Irritant Free Repair compound

More Information

  • Irritant Free – carries no hazard warnings, for normal maintenance applications can be mixed by an ungloved hand
  • Packaged in a stick format – no mixing ratios to consider just cut off the required amount and mix
  • Fast rate of cure – Initial hard cure is produced in around 5-10 minutes with functional strength in one hour
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics – when cured it’s hard enough to be machined whilst still retaining a level of flexibility preventing it from being brittle.
  • Long shelf life – minimum shelf life of 2 years. Mega Fix-IT PW is ready to be used as and when required, an excellent insurance product.
  • No shrinkage - no loss of mass after cure

Repair Compound; stop leaks; stop leaks fast; pipe repair; cures fast; no-mix repair compound; emergency pipe repair; heavy duty repair compound