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fast act
Fast Act II

Air Conditioning Drip Pan Microbiocide Inhibits Growth of Slime Forming & Odor Causing Bacteria

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  • FAST ACT II provides continuous release of active ingredients that control fouling and inhibits the growth of slime forming and odor causing bacteria.
  • Visible packing shows how much product remains avaiable for use. NO GUESSWORK.
  • Streamlined elongated shape, easy to slip into drip pans without dismantling. Just drop into pan.
  • Polymeric packaging releases a constant dose of microbiocide.

Drip pan sludge remover; drip pan odor remover; drip pan declogger; drip pan defouler; AC drip pan treatment

shiny side
Shiny side

Non-Acidic Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener Drives Out Embedded Grime & Oxides from Aluminum Fins

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  • SHINY SIDE has a powerful cleaning action that easily removes tough grime and layers of oxidation from aluminum.
  • SHINY SIDE does not contain hydrofluoric acid and is safe on equipment. It will not harm either the air conditioning coils or spray equipment when used as directed.
  • SHINY SIDE targets hard-to-reach areas, eliminating the need to pull down and dismantle air conditioning units reducing downtime.
  • SHINY SIDE has a foaming formula that clings to vertical surfaces for more efficient cleaning with less run-off or product waste.

foaming cleaner, aluminium cleaner