lectrasolv aerosol

Lectrasolv aerosol

Ready-to-use Electrical Degreaser

More Information

  • Non-corrosive – Won’t harm most metals or plastics and will not pit light allows or plated finishes
  • Fast evaporating formula – saves time and labor
  • Effective – easily removes grease and grime, leaves no residue behind
  • Non-Conductive–For use on energized equipment and industrial applications
  • Non-Corrosive–Won’t harm most metals and will not pit light alloys or plated finishes
  • Strong Solvency and Flushing Action Saves Labor Time
  • Won’t Harm Plastics or Coatings
  • High Flash Point >200°F (>93°C) Dielectric
  • Leaves No Residue–Completely cleans and decreases metal parts
  • Dielectric

Electrical Degreaser