brex concentrate

cement, mineral & scale remover

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  • super concentrated acid cleaner
  • effective, versatile, easy-to-use and contains rust inhibitors
  • effective on most metal surface, including brass and copper
  • economical - highly concentrated for maximum dilution rate. Dilutes up to 1:10 with water

degreaser, descaler, cement remover, scale remover, mineral remover, acid cleaner, industrial


Cleaner & Descaling Agent Powerful Chemical Cleaner With D-10 For Deep Penetration

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  • Will not harm equipment when used properly. Saves equipment replacement cost and downtime
  • Harmless to most paints and finishes. Can be safely used around most finished surfaces
  • Versatile and excellent for removing cement, lime, or concrete from metal equipment, for cleaning old or new masonry, tile, concrete block; or for removing excess mortar from brickwork or tile; simplifies cleaning product inventory
  • Economical and easy to use and reduces maintenance costs and training time and expense

cleaner, descaler, versatile cleaner, industrial cleaning

scale clear sus
Scale clear sus


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  • CLEAR SUS removes accumulated scale and lime deposits from heat exchanging units, condenser coils and pipes.
  • CLEAR SUS easily strips accumulations of rust, scale mineral sediments and soap scum in one application. Dissolves the built up deposits on equipment, eliminating the need for heavy scouring, scraping and chipping.
  • CLEAR SUS is fast acting and economical- acts immediately to reduce cleaning and equipment downtime. Dilutes up to 5 times with water.
  • CLEAR SUS does not damage Stainless Steel.
  • CLEAR SUS is safe to other metals. With the specially formulated corrosion inhibitor, will not damage the steel and copper during the instructed descaling process.

Industrial Cleaner, Industrial descaler