High Speed, Low Temperature Grease NLGI #2

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  • Courier contains Molysol* and Friction Reducers which provide a thin anti-frictional film that protects bearings against overheating and wear at speeds up to 55,000 rpm.
  • Courier remains effective from -51°C to 93°C continuous and 121°C with monitored lubrication. Dropping point of 149°C.
  • Courier’s Premium Grade Base Oil combined with a Calcium Base provides excellent protection against wash out during severe weather and high pressure wash down.
  • Courier’s Molysol* and Extreme Pressure Agents coat metal asperities to prevent “hot spots” and wear caused by metal-to-metal contact.
  • Courier contains Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors to prevent elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam from causing chemical wear on equipment surfaces. 

High Speed grease, Low Temperature Grease


extreme temperature grease

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  • extreme temperature performance up to 1000°C
  • patented calcium sulfonate grease with high moly and graphite content
  • prolongs bearing and equipment life
  • extends lubrication intervals by up to 10 times

heat shield, high temperature grease, extreme temperature grease, bearing grease

premalube black

Multi-purpose grease for industrial equipment.

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  • Protection against heavy loads and high speeds.
  • Superior water resistance.
  • Suitable for almost every industrial application.

industrial, heavy load, high speed


Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme, Pressure, High Temperature Grease

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  • Premalube Red contains a total additive package that sets it apart from other greases.
  • Provides superior protection against heavy loads, contaminants , and high speed wear.
  • Product of chouse for almost every industrial application.
  • Aluminum complex base grease


Multi-purpose Grease; High temp Grease; High temperature lubricant; heavy load lubricant; heavy load grease; aluminum complex base grease; aluminum complex base lubricant; industrial lubricant

premalube red aerosol

multi-purpose, heavy load, extreme pressure, high temperature grease

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  • heavy duty grease specifically formulated for industrial equipment
  • provides superior protection against heavy loads, contaminants, heat and high speed
  • exceptional heart reversion properties
  • contains MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE to minimize abrasive wear caused by dirt and dust
  • excellent high temperature performance - effective up to 135°C continuous and 204°C Intermittent operations
  • aluminium complex base grease

high temperature grease, multi-purpose grease, heavy duty grease, industrial grease, grease, superior performance grease, aerosol grease

premalube xtreme black

extreme duty, multi-purpose, synthetic blend grease

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  • contains high concentration of Moly and Graphite to reduce heat, friction, and abrasive wear
  • has superior water resistance - wont wash out during operation, even when totally submerged.
  • also available in a Green Formula NLGI #2, 1
  • lasts 2 to 5 times lonfer than conventional greases
  • bearing speeds up to 20,000rpm

premalub extreme, industrial equipment grease, heavy duty grease

premalube xtreme green

Extreme duty grease.

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  • Synthetic blend, high temperature, extreme load carrying properties.
  • Highly water resistant.
  • Patented formulation.

heavy load, extreme pressure