Multi-Purpose, Silicone Lubricant and Release Agent Aerosol

More Information

  • Non-Staining, Non-Corrosive, Odorless and Colorless
  • Forms a Protective Barrier - Repels Water, Oil and Dirt. Helps Prevent Rust, Corrosion and Tarnish
  • Protects Against Weather, Water and Freezing - It Freeze proofs Rubber Moldings and Keeps Weather Stripping Flexible
  • Excellent Mold-Release Agent for Plastic and Rubber - Assures Excellent Part Detail and Fast Evaporation
  • Cleans, Lubricates, Protects Electric and Electronic Parts - Insulates and Protects With High Dielectric Strength
  • Authorized For Use in Meat and Poultry Plants

Multi-purpose release agent, food grade release agent; protective barrier release spray; food processing release agent; Food processing silicone lubricant; electronics part silicone spray; rubber molding spray; mold release spray; mold release silicone spray; plastic processing silicone spray; non-staining; weather proof silicone spray;