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Drain Maintenance


Advanced Urinal Maintainer & Descaler Quickly Removes Rust, Lime, Scale & Build-up of Uric Acid Salts

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  • Quickly Removes Rust, Lime, Scale and Build-up of Uric Acid Salts - Improves fixture appearance while making the flush flow more efficient and extends equipment life.
  • Eliminates Odor-Causing Waste Build-up - Attacks the sources of odors instead of just covering them up with a mask.
  • Just Pour, Let Stand, Then Flush Down the Drain - Simple to use, saving labor and time.
  • Use for Both Emergency and Preventive Maintenance - Two products in one; cleans and prevents future build-up.

urinal maintainer, urinal cleaner

blue streak

Drain and Pipe Opener

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  • Formulated to clean and maintain problem drain lines
  • Restores and maintains free-flowing drains
  • Minimizes costly and filthy drains with regular use
  • Reduces foul odours in drains when used as a maintainer

drain maintainer, drain pipe opener


Advanced Solvent for Grease Trap, Drain and Lifts

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  • Cleans and maintains eliminating clogging and back-ups
  • Safe to use, not harmful to pipes
  • Controls odour leaving pleasant citrus fragrance

solvent cleaner, grease traps


Water-Soluble Degreasing Solvent Heavy-duty grease-cutting power with environmental safety

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  • Does not burn or support combustion - safe to use in areas with sources of ignition.
  • Dilutes up to 1:15 with water - provides a highly economical product for powerful, effective cleaning.
  • Use on metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, stone, most painted surfaces - versatility lets this single cleaning product replace several more-specialized products and simplify inventory
  • Formulated for use in food-processing plants. Contains no butyl or phosphates, but has strong grease-cutting power.

water-soluble degreaser, degreaser, ND-165


Drain & Sewer Treatment

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  • Instant and powerful elimintes backups and build ups
  • Ensures free flowing sewer lines and drains
  • Targets problems realted to foul odours
  • Dissolves hair, paper, organic waste, oil, grease, fats and soap

industrial drains, sewer treatement

power rotor
Power Rotor

Advanced Solvent/Acid Emergency Drain Opener

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  • POWER ROTOR opens Clogs Instantly - Quickly dissolves drain blockages.
  • POWER ROTOE has a dual-Action Power - An acid layer that attacks hair, paper, food, and grease. Solvent layer attacks wax, styrofoam and synthetics
  • POWER ROTOR covers Offensive Odors that are produced as drain clogs are being dissolved
  • POWER ROTOR is compatible with Pipes and Plumbing - Corrosion inhibitors help protect pipes and metal components.

Advanced Solvent, Acid Emergency Drain Opener

rescue drain
Rescue drain

Advanced Powder-Form Drain Opener

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  • RESCUE DRAIN dissolves grease, hair, food and other organic drain blockages in minutes.
  • RESCUE DRAIN restores and maintains free-flowing drains and drain lines and eliminates foul odours.
  • RESCUE DRAIN minimises costly and filthy mechanical drain line cleaning.
  • RESCUE DRAIN is safe to use and won’t harm plastic pipes and fixtures when used as directed – including steel, chrome, iron and tile surfaces.
  • RESCUE DRAIN prevents back-ups when used in a regular maintenance programme.
  • Blockages are converted into soapy liquid solutions within 10-minutes.

clogged drains, drain blacks