NCH in Korea launches 'NCH Mobile Laboratory for Environmental Management'

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SEOUL- 2016 NCH Korea launches 'NCH Mobile Laboratory for Environmental Management', the on-site wastewater and odor analysis service. Environmental concerns are heightening, government regulation is tightening, and environmental waste processing cost is increasing. The "NCH Mobile Laboratory for Environmental Management" is a mobile research lab, in which NCH's environmental specialist in NCH Wastewater business unit visits customers, to measure and analyze wastewater and odor using a measuring device. 

The specialist then provides a customized solution for the customer, and discuss together on improvement measures. Wastewater may deteriorate while in motion, therefore, it is best to check the microorganisms with a microscope and get the test results on the spot.

Environmental management service provided by NCH include wastewater analysis and management, wastewater disposal facility diagnosis and improvement, and odor improvement solution. NCH Mobile Laboratory has equipped itself with the cutting-edge equipment such as microscopes, odor measuring device, gas concentration detecting tube, MLSS measuring device, DO measuring device, and PH measuring device.

NCH Mobile Laboratory can provide consulting service to customers by its environment analysis specialists, reviewing undistorted data together with the customer and discuss on improvement measures. Also, for those potential customers that show interest in NCH services, it provides on-site diagnosis service and submit a proposal. NCH will follow up with additional tests and services to improve wastewater condition, according to the customer’s needs.

Moreover, NCH Mobile Laboratory will collect data on wastewater in different parts of Korea. Based on this data, NCH will do a research on how to utilize its know-how on wastewater processing for different types of wastewater, convert the research findings into data, and will continue to focus on providing customized products and services for different industries. NCH will also continue to hold educational seminars and trainings on best practices on wastewater management, to support its customers to become more environmental-friendly companies.

“NCH will provide on-spot wastewater diagnosis service, and plans to conduct pilot test and in-depth test when necessary. Also, this on-call diagnosis service allows us to provide training for the managers to improve the process and check the status on site. This allows us to take a step further from simply providing our product to the customer, and improve reliability as a service provider”, said Dong Eun Kim, country manager of NCH Korea. He added, “by analysing various wastewater data collected from different places in Korea, we will focus on continuously providing customized environmental-friendly technologies, products and services to our customers”

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