NCH Thailand announces, ‘Degreaser Program’ for maintenance and facility cleaning


Degreaser program


Bangkok - NCH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. today announced that it launched ‘Degreaser Program’,  a cleaning program designed for maintenance and facility managers.

NCH’s Degreaser Program is designed to help busy maintenance and facility managers. It provides cleaning of bearings, fork lifts, cogs and gears, food production equipment, engines and parts, electrical equipment, floors, transport, heat exchangers, machinery, lifting gear and external storage tanks etc.  The new Degreaser Program may be applied to HVAC cleaning, Electrical Cleaning, Floor & Wall Cleaning, Descaling, Machine Cleaning, Industrial Hygiene, Hood/Duct Cleaning, and Fleet Cleaning.

NCH’s Degreaser program includes Degreasing products, Dilution equipment and Application equipment. With this cost effective maintenance program, companies can protect assets, minimize downtime and create a safer environment. NCH provides related knowledge and manpower, to support customers to complete special cleaning and reconditioning projects.

Degreasing products: NCH provides degreasing products that are suitable for customers’ business environment. Here are the main products:

ND-150: Water-soluble industrial solvent - penetrates and emulsifies and lifts off grease, oil, wax, carbon, inks, crayon and mildew.


ND-165: Water-soluble industrial solvent - penetrates and emulsifies and lifts off grease, oil, wax, carbon, inks, crayon

Shiny Side: Non-acidic cleaner and aluminum brightener and drives out embedded grime and oxides from aluminum fins.

Soot Away:  Heavy duty cleaner that effectively penetrates and dissolves baked on soils.


Dilution equipment: The NCH dilution system is used to refill bottles, buckets and sprayers with NCH degreasers. It ensures accurate dilution ratio based on the customers’ needs. User does not need to be in direct contact with concentrated chemicals, therefore, user safety is guaranteed.

Application equipment: ‘Foamer’, NCH’s cleaning device, which transforms degreasing product into foam to maximize cleansing power. Other equipment such as ‘sprayer’, which is suitable for wider area, are also provided for customers for more options.

“New degreaser program provides outstanding cleansing quality, which helps to reduce manpower required. Also, with the combination of high-concentration degreaser and dilution equipment, we are able to provide a safe tested degreaser at lower cost. Our various types of degreasers are recognized for their excellent performances, and are being used in different industries across the globe. We plan to provide optimal products that are suitable for the business environment in Thailand, and will also continuously run product and service experience program.”, said Chayuth Temnitikul, Managing Director, NCH Thailand.

 About NCH Asia 

NCH has been a global leader in industrial and commercial maintenance products and services since 1919. Our superior solutions maximize efficiency and keep facilities and equipment running in optimum condition at reduced cost. 

NCH is relied upon by companies in over 60 countries to solve maintenance problems with the most innovative and effective products and services, from advanced drain and HVAC maintenance to specialty lubrication, industrial and parts cleaning, and water treatment. 

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