NCH Lubricants and cleaning products help leverage productivity of PASIAM Industry Company

Pa Siam Industry Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. Prin Thanratanachai since 2008, Thailand leading plastic cup and plastic cutlery with hundreads of key customers of Thai and international fast food and food manufacturers. With more than 160 employees. The owner, factory manager and Technical engineers are very happy to use Accel Aerosol, a Space-Age Silicone Lubricant that help reduce stain on the mold and molded product, improved mold releasing and increasing productivity. Also prolong mold material life with the following advantage features: Odorless, colorless NSF H1 food grade lubricant for all season, Excellent mold release agent for plastics, Protect against rust, corrosion and tarnish. 

Moreover, Lexpure and NC-123 Plus used to enhance machinery life and reduce cost of electronic appliances  replacement of compressor and controller. ND-165 also use to clean all heavy greases and stained around the machine area.

Mr. Prin said that PASIAM products passed customers international standards and we will continue to use NCH high quality lubricants and cleaning products.

Mr. Wirote Kochamas, Pasiam Factory Manager said that "NCH lubricants and stain removers can help solve machine’s problems a lots and I think I’m lucky that these 2 reps come to introduce these NCH products just in the right time. These products just save our important machines to enabling the company to be able to produce products efficiently with high quality". So we got trust from the customers as well. "And I also received good advice and good care from both of Synergy sales reps from Lubricants and Maintenance specialties. And I would like to thank you NCH and wish NCH to produce good quality products for customers like this forever." When you produce more good products we will be the one who try and use your products.