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NCH Asia Pacific delivers high-performance results with industrial maintenance products, water treatment solutions, energy conservation services and much more. With over 100 years of experience, NCH holds the knowledge and expertise to deliver leading solutions to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure maintenance sectors.



Over 100 years


50+ countries

We offer dedication, innovative products and energy efficient services to our customers, making us a global leader across various sectors. One of our missions is to facilitate our customers to ensure their equipment and solutions are running at optimum condition, efficiently and at a reduced cost.

From wastewater treatment solutions to industrial maintenance products, our expertise are relied upon by worldwide businesses who experience maintenance problems that need solving with only the most revolutionary and effective products and services.

Explore NCH Asia Pacific’s specialties below and discover how our solutions could improve your business operations today.

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Our eight areas of unbeatable operations, products and expertise can help you solve maintenance problems with the most revolutionary and effective products and services available.

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