Swine Waste Water

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Current Problems

Currently, Swine Farms have high biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), high total suspended solids (TSS), large volumes of sludge, strong odors, scum formation and low effluent retention time. Due to these problems, farms have to pump and clean wastewater facilities more frequently, resulting in higher energy and maintenance costs. These issues create environmental hazards, potential fines and penalties for elevated COD/BOD, and an overall poor reputation for a farm.

problem wastewater


The NCH Probiotic SystemTM uses the farm’s existing water system to clean through the facility water treatment infrastructure. This helps reduce BOD, COD, TSS, sludge volume, and strong odors. There is also a lower retention time of effluent water and less scum formation on equipment.


Case Study

Problem: A swine facility account in Korea with more than 2,000 pigs, had its own wastewater plant and was struggling with foul odors, excessive scum buildup, high BOD and high maintenance, electricity and chemical costs.

Applications: Hardware was place on first aeration tank and solid collecting pits.

Results: Initially, there was a scum thickness of 50-60cm, including very strong and foul odor gas. Using the biological system, 50% of the scum was reduced within 15 days and 25 days later, all the scum had been removed and only a weak odor remained. The BOD readings were dramatically reduced from 136 ppm to 50 ppm.



  • The NCH Probiotic SystemTM produces trillions of live activated bacteria every day that are ready to perform as soon as they enter the wastewater system. 
  • The NCH Probiotic SystemTM is fully automated, programmable and self-contained with worry-free operation
  • The NCH Probiotic SystemTM integrates with all existing wastewater treatment equipment
    • No need for capital expenditures and plant expansions
    • No need for large quantities of harsh environmentally toxic chemicals
    • No need for expensive mechanical systems
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