Rope Chain & Cable

dri-lube plus

dry moly lubricant

More Information

  • safe to use on most metals - better than graphite type lubricants
  • works from -73°C to 349°C
  • withstand heavy pressure, heavy loads and high temperature
  • dries to touch in 30 seconds

lubricant, high temperature lubricant, dri-lube plus

lubrease aerosol

penetrating chain and cable lubricant

More Information

  • maximizes protection and lubrication
  • penetrates to the core of wire ropes and chains
  • contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that helps prevent rust on exposed or idle equipment.
  • contains MOLYBDENUM DISULPHIDE to reduce fiction and wear on internal metal strands and chain links even if the oil has dried off
  • aerosol type

lubrease, chain and cable lubricant