Article | Why Facilities Must Prepare to Repair (and What to Have on Hand)

They say that only death and taxes are a sure thing, but anyone maintaining a commercial or industrial space knows that something, somewhere at some point is going to break.

When it does it can either be an inconvenience or a great big problem, and whether or not a business is prepared can be the difference.

The worst-case scenario is that the break is an integral part of a larger system or poses a safety threat and your whole business has to shut down until it is fixed, but even when that isn’t the case, repairs in a commercial setting are almost always urgent to at least some degree. And that’s where it pays to be prepared.

Let’s say that a pipe has punctured. Water is starting to leak and there is a fair bit of pressure going through that pipe, it could get worse at any moment, so you’d better shut it off. But shutting it off means closing that section which is going to impact your bottom line.

And what about when you can’t turn the water off? Well, with the right products, you can even repair pipes that are still under pressure. For that, you’d use a roll of Dyna Stretch & Seal Tape. It can be used up to a pressure of 11 bar in extreme heat or cold and is self-sealing so can even be used fully submerged and stops the flow of water. Emergency averted.

Some may call it a lucky break to have Dyna Stretch & Seal Tape on hand when a pipe bursts. Others know it’s just about being prepared. Arming yourself with the tools and knowledge for unexpected outcomes saves time and money.

To make sure you are prepared, here are the handiest repair products to have on hand.

Keeping some Mega Fix-it in the storeroom, means you’re ready to repair, bond or fill a multitude of materials including, metals hard plastics, concrete and wood, even if they come into contact with potable water. This general-purpose compound has been used to repair truck and trailer bodies, stripped threads and for fabricating small machine parts, knobs and handles.

Wear Flex 2500 is a self-mixing, trowelable polyurethane compound formulated for coating and repairing rubber, urethane, steel, concrete, wood, composites and more. A must for any warehouse or manufacturer, it can be used to repair forklift and off-road tires (non-structural sections) and conveyor belts in a variety of industries.

Feeling stuck? Make sure you have a tube of Yield penetrating release agent handy to loosen stuck metal parts and prevent further erosion.

If you’re likely to repair leaks in metal plastic or concrete, it pays to keep some Quick Cure handy. It can even be drilled and tapped when hardened. Or for a high strength permanent bond for repairing and anchoring concrete, try Mend-Con.

While your repair needs are as unique as your business, one thing is true across all industrial and commercial spaces. One day you are going to need to repair, and it pays to be prepared. Work out which repair products you may need now, so when the time comes, you are ready.

Whatever repairs you need to make, having the right solution at hand for your problem will make the job easier and the results better, saving you time and money. Because when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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