Value Recognition Reports or VRR’s are an included service we provide at NCH. These reports are put together by our team at no cost or time to your business. They help highlight savings in labor costs, parts replacement and downtime for your company through the use of NCH products.

The main objectives of our Lubrication Value Recognition Report (VRR) are:

  • To showcase how our NCH lubrication products impact the sustainability of our customer’s business
  • To highlight cost savings and value that NCH lubrication brings to customers compared to competitors’ products.

Master Sustainable Practices With NCH: What We’ve Recorded

NCH’s goal is to become a reliable partner with our customers by continuing to show how we can save money and increase efficiency. Our VRR’s reflect specifically what has been achieved by partnering with us and using our products.

By using NCH products on equipment, with the aim to solve problems and reduce parts replacement, labor costs, downtime as well as product consumption, we can document these savings and results for our customers.

We have many examples of this and continue to add VRR’s across the region with our valued customers

Why Is Saving Cost and Value Important to Us?

As we consistently see the demand for oil, energy, and water increase, it is crucial for us to responsibly manage and use our limited resources sustainably. As your sustainability partner, our solutions are designed to help reduce your water and energy use, while maximizing efficiency. Our services are also built to increase equipment lifespan and reduce carbon footprint as well as positively impact the total cost of operation.

Machinery maintenance is historically labeled as the center of cost, and therefore a necessary evil in all industrial maintenance budgets. However, by using premium quality lubrication products, it becomes achievable to convert maintenance into a responsible way to achieve significant savings.

The Cost and Responsibility of Lubrication

Our NCH Lubrication Program costs can be divided into the below categories:

  • Actual cost of lubricants
  • Labour cost
  • Downtime
  • Maintenance repairs and parts replacement
  • Energy consumption
  • Fuel consumption
  • Waste

The lubrication sector alone can be responsible for reductions in the categories highlighted above. The NCH Corporation conducted a study in the early 2000’s aimed at 600 customers worldwide, where we identified that by using premium performance-enhanced lubrication instead of standard lubrication, the savings amounted to an average of 19% of the total maintenance budget.

NCH therefore provides Value Recognition Reports (VRR) to showcase similar improvements and findings. The VRR report consists of written evidence of how we successfully help hundreds of our customers worldwide to save thousands of dollars annually, therefore creating meaningful partnerships instead of just being one of many lubrication suppliers. At NCH we make the difference with our skills, experience and customer service

A Value Recognition Report is a clear, easy to use document and specifically designed for each company to record and showcase value and savings. The report combines the data provided to us by our customers, quantifies the costs, then updates the reduction in those costs after using NCH Lubrication products.

By doing this, the sum cost savings in making the transition from standard lubricants to performance lubricants can be easily calculated and understood. We purposefully perform these investigations in order to show you and other businesses how capable we are of helping you find the most efficient and sustainable solutions.

Do You Want to Become More Sustainable?

If these sustainable efforts match your goals of reducing your overall costs and carbon footprint, we are here to help make those efforts a rewarding experience. Call us now, or get in touch with our NCH Asia Pacific team today.

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