Leaking seals are the most common reason for the performance problems of gearboxes.


Gear boxes and Transmissions are often the most neglected components of heavy industrial equipment. It’s out of sight out of mind, however if a gearbox has issues or fails it can stop production completely until the issues are resolved, costing a lot of money in downtime.

By far the most common issue is leaking oil. This is also often seen as normal to lose oil and just top up, but this can lead to even bigger issues over time. What can start as a small leak that no one really worries about, can lead to a loss of more oil over time as well as contamination of the oil and damage to the gear box shortening it’s life and leading to additional costs for parts, not to mention unscheduled downtime for failures.


By thinking ahead and applying a solution to correct the leaking seal issues in gearboxes rather than just topping up as oil is lost, with the thought that this is just normal, a lot of NORMAL problems can be avoided.

By far the simplest way to get ahead of gearbox problems, including leaking seals, contamination and dry start wear and tear, is to invest in better quality oils. Choosing an oil with additional additives to protect against traditional problems saves time and money in the long run. By using high quality gear and transmission oils the negative effects on equipment and machinery are greatly reduced, and it becomes one less thing to have to worry about in your ongoing maintenance scheduling, so you can actually focus on more important things.


At NCH, we work hard to continually provide the best possible products, and our gear and transmission oils are no exception. We understand the tough environments the equipment often works in as well as the reality of the challenges faced in trying to keep track of maintenance schedules to keep equipment running well.

To help we have designed a wide range of industrial gear oils from our multi grade 80W-90 and 85W-140 gear oil, as well as single grades 150,220,320,460,680 to cover almost every application to provide superior protection of your valuable capital investments.

We also cover the synthetic gear oils 75W-90 and 75W-140 as needed per OEM recommendations.

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