NCH has a wealth of knowledge, skills, technical application that boast years of experience when it comes to industrial lubrication. NCH prides itself our account managers being experts in their field.


It’s about partnerships

Forming partnerships with our customers through dedicated NCH representatives that bring value and experience, rather than just a product or price point.

NCH sales associates provide expert advice for preventative maintenance planning that reduces overall running costs of heavy equipment and machinery.


Account management is the core of our business and assists our customers themselves to find a solution. One point of contact for all industrial lubrication needs.

We are there for you whenever you need us! We provide seminars, product & application knowledge and training. We make sure you are always equipped with the best solutions for optimum performance.


At NCH we are always looking to add value to what we do. One of the many ways we do this is through our Lubrication Seminars. Designed to give our customers teams more knowledge on Lubrication basics and best practices, and how to improve efficiency.


NCH provides a comprehensive oil analysis program for our customers that helps prevent unscheduled equipment downtime and breakdowns.

Using a 3rd party Global partner, we can test all oils to get detailed results to maximize oil life. 

Ask us about our NCH Oil Analysis program today. 


Value is a key differentiator that NCH provides through programs such as VRR – value recognition reports.

The VRR analysis offers insights into cost reductions, recommended changes or guidance for use of lubrication product in heavy machinery and equipment.

The main objectives of VRRs are to reduce cost, extend the life of machinery and reduce downtime or labour required.

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