Press Release | NCH Asia rolling out the new ‘NCH Facilities’ business group

NCH has been committed to providing the very best products and solutions to Facilities Engineers for nearly 100 years.

Due to the ever-changing and unique requirements of facilities management applications, NCH Asia continually strives to ensure that these demands are met to the best possible standards. For this reason, NCH Asia is rolling out the new NCH Facilities business group which has been adapted to supply Facilities Engineers with products and services that are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs for waste reduction, wastewater treatment and many other services.

Targeted specifically to Facilities Engineers and Building Maintenance Personnel, NCH Asia’s Facilities sector will be working closely with a number of commercial establishments, including:

  • Property management companies
  • Hospitality establishments such as hotels, restaurants, spas, and resorts
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Municipal water and sewer facilities
  • Government facilities


NCH Asia offers a complete range of products and services required by Facilities Engineers throughout Asia. Our dedicated staff will be on hand to offer guidance, training, solutions, and products for a broad variety of demands. These solutions include:

Wastewater – we offer a complete range of drain care solutions including drain maintenance, preventative care and maintenance solutions for grease traps and lift stations.

HVAC – NCH Asia provides HVAC cleaning and maintenance solutions to keep HVAC systems running to their optimum potential with increased efficiency and reduced utility costs.

Odor control – odor abatement is one of the toughest problems faced by Facilities Engineers. NCH Asia’s odor control solutions tackle the issue head on, ensuring an odor-free environment every time.

Facility maintenance – our facility maintenance solutions address structural damage, alleviate potentially dangerous or hazardous issues and provide cleaning and maintenance solutions for excellent property management.

For expert Facilities Maintenance products or services, get in touch with NCH Asia’s Facilities specialists who will provide the very best solution for your individual requirements.

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