NCH Consolidates Under One Brand

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MANILA, Philippines – NCH Philippines, the local counterpart of US-based NCH Corp. has transitioned into a more integrated company under a unified brand name with the vision to deepen relationships with its customers in Asia.

NCH is a provider of maintenance services and chemicals that focus on cleaning water, conserving energy and maintaining equipment for businesses.

 “Many customers do not realize we own and market all of the different brands: Chemsearch, Certified, Chem-Aqua and Mantek. The consolidation will give our customers greater ease and efficiency in utilizing our various products and services to help them with their water, energy and maintenance programs,” said David Weiss, president and CEO of NCH Asia.

Toward this end, the company will unify more than 1,000 associates in Asia, paving the way for a more organized and productive approach in building and implementing marketing strategies.

“Moving forward, by focusing on just one brand, NCH, we know we can make NCH great,” Weiss said.

“By doing this, over 1,000 NCH professionals in the Asian region will be assigned and given advanced training in one of our specialty groups, NCH Maintenance,” he added.

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As such, customers will benefit from such a consolidation because each NCH professional will be better equipped to maintain their customers’ equipment and facilities - even provide training for their customers’ employees and workers. “And as always, we will guarantee every product and service,” Weiss says.

Since May this year, NCH has launched its new brand identity and has set up six specialty business groups to replace its existing brands:

Chemsearch focuses on cleaning and maintenance service of machine, equipment and facilities. Certified offers lube, grease, maintenance products and cleaners, while Chem-Aqua provides water treatment products and program for cooling tower.

These three brands are now segmented into the six specialty groups according to specialty products and services, namely NCH Maintenance, NCH Chem-Aqua (Water Treatment), NCH Wastewater, NCH Lubricants, NCH Food Safety and NCH Agriculture.


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