15 April 2020

Why is machine maintenance important?


In industrial scenarios such as factories, there are usually numerous large machines and pieces of equipment in use at any one time. This machinery is usually vital to the function of the factory and often the business which manages it. 

 There are numerous reasons why machine maintenance and cleaning is an important consideration for managers.


The bottom line

In many production facilities ranging from food to parts production, the breakdown of a machine can mean serious lost productivity and eventually, profits. When a machine breaks down due to lack of equipment maintenance, it can no longer produce the product that the company sells, leading to lost sales.

By ensuring that regular machine cleaning and maintenance is carried out, you can minimize the impact of machinery and equipment failure and protect your bottom line.



Machines do not need to fail to impact a business financially. Undetected faults can impact the running efficiency of machinery and lead to reduced output or an inferior final product. Not only can this affect sales figures, but also the reputation of the company and production facility.



A far greater concern than the financial impact of machinery and equipment failure are the safety implications. Without regular maintenance, machines which are usually relatively safe to operate can become a danger.

Common issues with machinery include rusted components, blockages and accumulated dirt. All of these signify a potential injury risk. National and international standards make regular machine maintenance a legal requirement.

Without maintenance, faults with the equipment can go undetected and lead to injury or worse, death. Regular equipment maintenance will highlight any flaws with the system and allow for repairs to be carried out.



As mentioned above, it is commonplace for safety standards to make machine and equipment maintenance a regular activity. These guidelines will often state a timeline of periodic maintenance that managers must adhere to, to ensure full compliance.

If a failure occurs and someone is injured, or worse, killed, and an investigation finds that equipment was not regularly inspected and maintained, there may be legal consequences.


Professional solution

NCH Asia Pacific endeavors to make the job of machine maintenance and cleaning as simple and straightforward as possible. Our experts can maintain all machinery and equipment in your facility and ensure you are fully compliant.

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