2 October 2020

Everbrite Filter - The Latest Technology in Air Disinfection

The new Everbrite Filter is an innovative air disinfectant stick-on filter designed to fit easily into a wide range of HVAC and air conditioning systems for effective disinfection in businesses, educational facilities, transport systems and more.

Why Choose the Everbrite Filter for Your Business?

  • Effectively eliminates SARS-CoV and 99.9% of over 100 viruses and bacteria
  • Eliminates odors
  • Decompose formaldehyde
  • Kills mold odor
  • Protects your staff and visitors
  • Quick & easy to fit
  • No maintenance

The Everbrite filter is designed to eliminate the risk posed by airborne transmission of over 100 different viruses. Built to last for 90 days per filter, Everbrite provides peace of mind and no maintenance at all while it is in place.

The Ideal Air Disinfectant Solutions for Businesses

The Everbrite Filter is the ideal air disinfectant solution for all kinds of businesses, commercial properties, educational institutions, and even transport systems.

Unlike other air disinfection systems, Everbrite Filter requires no additional space, no drilling or fiddly installation, and no extra energy consumption, making it one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to disinfect the air in your business property.

Everbrite Filter is equipped with encapsulation technology for controlled release of active antimicrobials, with germicidal effect within 1 minute of use, killing pathogenic bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria and molds, providing persistent disinfection for 90 days.

No maintenance is required while the filter is in place, and it requires changing just once every three months, giving you peace of mind while helping you spend your time on other areas of business. 

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