From sparkling clean work surfaces to hygienically clean kitchens and free-flowing drains, NCH products and solutions make the right impression and ensure consumer confidence.

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, bar, or retail space, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Maintenance Solution from NCH Asia makes sure your workplace runs cleanly, efficiently, and safely.

NCH supplies a wide range of hygiene products that make sure critical areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are spotlessly clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. The range of innovative biological systems offered by our Wastewater Solution will ensure your drain lines run freely; preventing blockages, backups, and foul odors.

Many of our products carry certifications for safe-use around food preparation areas in our Food Safety Solution. These products are perfume-free to prevent contamination of food products.

We also provide a variety of products and services to the water treatment industry with NCH Chem-Aqua. Our specialized water treatment professionals will maintain cooling towers and boilers, while keeping drain lines running clean and clear. 


Lubricants Square


Friction and wear can cause damage to equipment, leading to increased costs and downtime. We offer greases and oils that keep your equipment maintained and extend operating life. Our diesel additive range will improve your diesel fuel by increasing mileage while protecting your engines.



We provide a wide range of powerful industrial degreasers, as well as solutions for rust management, sealants, descalants, absorbents, and much more. Let us know what issues you are facing and we will provide you with the right solution.

Waste Water square


Production facilities can generate large volumes of FOG, COD, BOD, and Suspended Solids. NCH Wastewater can treat these problems with our groundbreaking technology. Our range of BioAmp units combine biological solutions with a unique delivery systems.


Water Treatment

Our approach is to make boiler, cooling, and process water systems more efficient. NCH Chem-Aqua provides a comprehensive program of products, equipment and services that address the unique mechanical, operational, chemical, and people requirements of each system.