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Handichem™ tackles the safety and environmental concerns associated with liquid chemicals.

The HandiChem Solid Block System is an innovative water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers that provides the proven results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, but is easier to use and is more environmentally responsible.

HandiChem Chart

These Handipak® solid concentrates are dissolved as needed into a small plastic reservoir using a reliable Handifeed™ mixing board. The solution is then pumped into the system being treated, just like with traditional liquid chemicals. Standard controllers and chemical feed pumps are utilized to administer the product to the system.

Most of the raw materials in our solid concentrates are 100% active. In contrast, liquid formulations only contain a small amount of actives, blended and shipped with water in drum form. In order to stabilize these actives during shipment and storage, caustic soda or potash are added. This does not help treatment; they only aid in solubilizing other ingredients and are eliminated from the solid formulas.