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Monitor and control your water treatment programs with NCH Chem-Aqua’s state-of-the-art aquaDART Water Treatment Control. Employing Direct Analysis and Response Technology (DART), aquaDART Systems continuously monitor the water treatment program based on changing system demands.

aquaDART offers real-time monitoring and control to minimise the impact of:

  • Scale & corrosion - controlled by fluorescent traced cooling tower inhibitor products
  • Microbiological growth - maintained using custom ORP-linked timers to ensure proper biocide dosages
  • Water usage - minimised using conductivity control to ensure proper cycles of concentration and blowdown rates are maintained

Quantifiable results from the above help to protect your water cooling system, all resulting in lower operating costs.

Remote system monitoring and callout alarms are facilitated through wireless and direct connection to the cloud. aquaDART triggers alarms to alert you to a multitude of problems with your system. 

All aquaDART systems include:

  • Real-time sensors to determine the control of scale, corrosion and microbiological growth
  • Custom controls that communicate adverse conditions and regulate blowdown and the feed of chemicals into the system
  • Web-enabled monitoring and control software to provide performance-based feedback and alerts
  • Board mounting for quick and accurate installation
  • A hand-held meter (sold seperately) to quickly and easily verify treatment levels


Get in touch with NCH Chem-Aqua today to enquire about aquaDART for your business.




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