X-Rust 7 Gel

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x rust7 gel

X-Rust 7 Gel is a neutral pH rust remover for metals. This extension of the X-Rust 7 provides rust removal when immersion is not possible.

  • pH neutral formulation – safer to use and kinder for the environment than traditional acid based rust removers. Removes tarnish and rust from carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron and other metals without etching the surface.
  • Gel formulation – the viscosity of gel is critical to successful application, especially on vertical surfaces. X-Rust Gel is specifically formulated with a surfactant system to penetrate and keep in contact with the surface for as long as possible.
  • Protective coating – leaves behind a protective coating that inhibits flash rusting; providing more time to paint or coat items, which can be done with our rust prevention products.
  • Works at room temperature – no heating equipment required; saves on costs and energy.
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rust treatment

Typical application areas

X-Rust 7 Gel has been developed to de-rust items that it would be impractical to de-rust in a tank of X-Rust 7 liquid.

  • Vehicle bodywork – used to remove rust from vehicle bodywork, including tanks and mudguards
  • Machine tool tables and beds – used to de-rust and extend the life of cutting, shaping and drilling machines
  • Large metal components – including assemblies and machinery;, used to remove rust from areas that cannot be immersed
  • Metal gates and railings – allows restoration and recovery of rusted parts through effective rust removal without damaging the metal
  • Construction equipment - used to de-rust large equipment that cannot be immersed in X-Rust 7 liquid.
  • Building structures - used to remove rust from building structures, including metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Agricultural vehicles – use to de-rust and extend the life of tractors, harvesting machinery and agricultural equipment.
  • Marine corrosion prevention - the high salt content in marine environments lead to accelerated corrosion of parts and equipment; X-Rust 7 Gel can be used to manage this.


  • 1. Remove any loose soils, oils and grease before using.
  • 2. Apply directly to the surface using a brush.
  • 3. The time needed will vary depending upon the severity of the rust.

Typical removal times at room temperature:

  • Light Rust: 15 minutes
  • Heavy Rust: 2 - 6 hours
  • Severe Rust: up to 24 hours.

It is important for the gel to remain moist during the de-rusting process. For heavy and severe rust, either re-apply as required or use cling film around the gel to prevent it drying out. Light agitation with a brush or scouring pad will also help speed up the process, especially for heavy to severe rust. Please test on a small area first before agitating.

For optimum gel performance, apply at temperatures between 5 and 30˚C.