X-Rust 7 Rust Remover

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X-Rust 7 effectively removes tarnish and rust from a range of metals including carbon steel, mild steel and cast iron.

Traditional chemical rust removal methods can come with a whole host of disadvantages, including serious health and safety risks. Toxic chemicals and fumes present when using acid and alkali removers can be hazardous to health. They can also degrade the building and environment in which they are being used.

X-Rust 7 from NCH Maintenance has a patented neutral pH formula, eliminating a number of the health risks and other disadvantages of traditional derusting products.


Benefits of X-Rust 7

Neutral pH formulation

  • Safer to use than traditional acid-based rust removers.
  • Kinder to the environment.
  • Prevents flash rusting.

Reduce costs and energy

  • X-Rust 7 works at room temperature so no heating equipment is required.


  • The product comes as a concentrated solutions that dilutes 1:10. This allows for economical rust removal and convenient storage.
rusty metal
X-Rust Dip Tank

Industrial Applications of X-Rust 7

  • Agriculture – Machinery in the agricultural industry requires a deruster with the highest levels of performance. X-Rust 7 delivers powerful and efficient derusting of farmig tools, specialist equipment, and machinery parts.
  • Automotive – Automotive parts can be highly susceptible to rust, especially when they have been stored for a long period of time or in unsuitable conditions. X-Rust 7 is ideal for rust removal in this industry, and can also be used for derusting tools.
  • Rail industry – X-Rust 7 is suitable for a number of applications in the rail industry. Used as part of a maintenance program, the solution can be used to de-rust trackside components and shims. It is also ideal for use in rail workshops.
  • Yellow metals – Brighten and remove tarnish from yellow metals such as brass, copper and bronze (ensure the solution is fresh and free from contaminants).
  • Construction industry - Help rusted chains retain structural integrity by using X-Rust 7 as part of a lifting gear inspection program. Rust from equipment and tools can easily be removed, as well as tough rust stains on concrete..
  • Marine & shipyards - Effectively remove white rust from zinc surfaces and manage corrosion issues in this particularly challenging industry.
  • Manufacturing workshops – X-Rust 7 is ideal for the derusting of general tools, nuts, bolts and machine parts.


  • 1. Ensure parts are free from any loose soils, oil and grease.
  • 2. Dilute the product with water at a ratio of 1:10.
  • 3. Fully immerse the part in the X-Rust 7 solution until it is free from rust.

Soak time may vary:

  • Light surface rust: 15 minutes
  • Heavy rust: a few hours
  • Severe rust: up to 24 hours





After soaking

Rinse with water and dry thoroughly. A protective coating is advised if the part is being placed into storage.

NOTE: Any parts that are soaked in X-Rust 7 for an extended period of time may experience darkening. This will not affect the integrity of the metal in any way.

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