Odor Control

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Odor control

Breathe fresh air with deodorizers from NCH Maintenance. Our heavy duty odor neutralizers keep your premises smelling clean and fresh.

Odors in the workplace can be extremely off putting for both visitors and employees. Make sure you are using the right solutions to instantly freshen the air and eliminate odor sources.

Our range of deodorants provide immediate odor relief before eliminating the odor sources. We have solutions designed to remove the residues that cause odors by penetrating deep into porous surfaces to remove odors from hard to reach places.

Our solutions are water based, biodegradable, non-staining and safe to use on most fabrics. We have solutions that clean as well as deodorize. Some are specifically packaged and formulated for deodorizing large rooms, and are delivered through a powerful jet to overpower even the strongest of smells.

Don’t let odors overtake your workspace. Speak to one of our highly trained sales representatives and find the right solution for your needs.