Hand Care

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Clean, protect and condition the most important tools of your trade with hand care solutions from NCH Maintenance.


NCH Maintenance provides a solution to safe guard your hands against irritation and drying, shielding hands from tough working environments. We provide a three-step hand care program that provides solutions to table all your hand care needs.

1. Cleanse

Cleanse hands with our range of high quality industrial hand soap. The synthetic beads remove heavy soils and the aloe vera keeps hands soft and supple. Free from abrasives and solvents, our hand soaps are soft on skin but tough on grime.

2. Cream

Use our protective skin cream to form a barrier around skin to shield against irritation and drying. Our non-greasy, fast drying formula protects hands in tough work environments for hours.

3. Condition

Condition skin with our range of skin conditioners to leave hands feeling soft and smooth. Our solutions contain healing aloe vera and leave a pleasant fragrance. They are fast drying with a non-greasy formula.