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A pesticide is a killing agent, which means to cut or to kill unwanted pests. They are intended to control, prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate directly or indirectly, any insect.

In pest management, it is important to know the identity, habitat, host range, seasonal abundance, natural enemies and the influence of the physical factors on the insect population before an effective and ecologically sound pest management program is formulated. The abundance of insects is an indicator of a breakdown in proper housekeeping. Identification of insects provides knowledge about a particular species.

Why use Pyrethrum (NCH Food Safety product Aquafog)?

  • Great flushing power to expose insects and has a very fast knockdown and kill effect.
  • Highly repellent to insects at a very low concentration
  • Broad spectrum of activities including mosquitoes, flees, flies, gnats, and wasps
  • Minimal insect resistance, even though it has been used for centuries
  • Very little fragrance
  • Bio-degradable


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