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Torrent 500

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The Torrent 500 puts NCH at the cutting edge of the parts washing industry. With optimized engineering, the Torrent provides the right combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry to increase cleaning productivity whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.


Key advantages of Torrent 500 parts cleaning equipment:

The Torrent is a fully-integrated environmentally friendly parts cleaner and enclosed unit that protects employees from direct contact with cleaning solutions.

Traditional parts washers are known to expose users to harmful hydrocarbons, noxious fumes and fire hazards. The Torrent uses a water-based solution, providing a safer working environment.

The Torrent eliminates the financial and environmental burden of disposing of solvents.

Cuts hazardous waste fees up to 8x.

With cleaning time taking 1 minute for 90% of parts, the Torrent is reliable and easy to use.

It has optimized visibility thanks to the enlarged window and the engineered lid provides durable, hard wearing use.

Newsworthy industrial parts cleaning...

Singapore TV stations such as Channel News Asia, Channel 8, Channel 5 and Channel U reported earlier this year “SMRT Singapore trials Japanese-inspired Kaizen method to boost efficiency.” You can watch the news article here.

Take advantage of this revolutionary environmentally friendly parts cleaner to improve your workforce’s safety and efficiency today.

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