Cryophase - How it works

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How is this possible?


Heat treatment changes the molecular structure of the steel by transforming Austenite (soft steel) into Martensite (hard steel).

Conventional heat treatment leaves soft Austenite particles in the steel. The Cryophase™ process enhances conventional heat treatment by cryogenically cooling the steel to -170°C. This converts the soft Austenite into hard Martensite. It also forms carbide particles, which fill microscopic gaps in the metal structure and increase wear resistance.


Before and After

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos show a section of a cutting tool viewed under a microscope at 1500X magnification. Both photographs are of the same tool and clearly show the improvement in the molecular structure.

Our Cryophase™ treatment increases Martensite and creates carbide ‘fillers’ to improve wear resistance and tool life.