BioAmp 5000 CCU

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Revolutionary biological drain and wastewater treatment system.

This unit solves a range of drain and wastewater problems with our environmentally-friendly, unique and patented system.

A perfect union of advanced engineering and microbiology, BioAmp 5000 CCU is a climate controlled, indoor or outdoor microbial fermentation unit that is installed on site and delivers 500 trillion active, naturally occurring, safe bacteria every 24 hours directly into drains and wastewater treatment systems.

BioAmp 5000 CCU’s heated growth tank is fed with active FreeFlow bacteria; a special nutrient solution and has a unique aeration system that maintains the dissolved oxygen at maximum growth levels.

The bacteria immediately go to work on the wastewater reducing the build-up of FOG, as well as eliminating odors. They speed and amplify the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, SS and ammonia; transforming highly polluted wastewater to a level that is acceptable to environmental agencies and water utility operators.

BioAmp 5000 CCU


BioAmp 5000 CCU has been designed for industrial use and WWTPs to treat wastewater and drain systems in conditions where ambient temperatures will vary from below 15°C to above 30°C.

The system has National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approval for use in and around food processing areas and is supplied and maintained on a monthly fee basis so no capital equipment investment is required.