UV Resistant Adhesant

More Information

  • Adheres to more surfaces with greater strength than virtually than any other adhesive.
  • Its high viscosity permits bonding of most surfaces from cinder blocks to glass, and unlike silicone, it is paintable.
  • Its new formulation offers over five times greater UV resistance than the original formula.
  • Adhesive and Sealant in one – multiple function
  • Excellent flexibility – elongates up to 900%
  • UV resistant – won’t yellow overtime or prolonged UV exposure
  • Versatile – adheres to a wide range of materials (metals, woods, PVC, plastics, neoprene, etc.)
  • High initial grab/tack – no need to hold while it cures
  • Great for waterproofing electrical connections – non-conductive
  • Paintable, Abrasion Resistant, Flexible and Clear in Color.
  • Effective even underwater - excellent sealing properties.


UV Resistant Adhesant, Adhesant