QUICK-MIX Self-Mixing Polyurethane Compounds

More Information

  • Available in a self-leveling (3500) or non-sag (2500) formula – for high-build or thin coating applications
  • Forms a flexible surface that withstands chemicals, grease, oil and water– excellent sealing properties
  • Durable repairs – virtually unaffected by environmental conditions such as rain, snow and sunlight
  • Remains flexible at low or high temperatures– does not brittle from -40°C to 120°C Versatile. Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces – including ABS, ceramic, glass, nylon, PVC, wood, concrete and wood.
  • Specially designed dual barrel syringe fits the Quick-Mix Trigger Action Dispensing gun, and the static mixer tips - Easy and quick to apply, reducing labor costs

self-mixing polyurethane compound; compound filler; compound repair filler; self levelling polyurethane compound; durable repair compound; all weather repair compound