Hospital Grade sanitiser, Disinfectant, Deodoriser

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  • Hospital grade and approved for food contact surfaces
  • Neutral pH balance will not damage surfaces
  • Can be used as an algaecide in pools, ponds and tanks


industrial hygiene, industrial disinfectant, disinfectant


everbrite -bl

Cleaner, Disinfectant , Sanitizer, Deodorizer, Fungicide and Virucide. Food Grade

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  • Use on food contact surfaces
  • Disinfects and prohibits growth of mold
  • Combats mold and variety of bacteria
  • Economical

Industrial Cleaner, Industrial Disinfectant, Industrial Sanitizer, Industrial Deodorizer, Food Grade


Cleaner & Disinfectant One Step Cleaning, Disinfecting & Deodorising

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  • Cleans and disinfects at the same time, saving time and labor.
  • Replaces harsh, medicinal smelling cleaners with a fresh, spring-like fragrance.
  • Controls a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • Can be used as a cleaner, disinfectant, sanitiser, deodorizer and fungicide on any water-safe surface.
  • Approved for use as a Sanitiser/Disinfectant on food-contract surfaces and food equipment with a water rinse.
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Concentrated for economy

Industrial Cleaner, Industrial Disinfectant

HS Clear

Hand Sanitizer

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  • WHO recommended formulation
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Dries quickly Gentle on hands. Contains hand conditioner
  • Complies to EN 1500 standard


industrial hygiene, hand sanitizer, industrial sanitation



Antimicrobial Disinfectant

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  •  SANICHLOR kills a broad spectrum of bacteria at 100ppm including coliform and slime molds.
  • SANICHLOR has minimal excess alkalinity so its active ingredient is released faster.
  • SANICHLOR will not leave any residue on surfaces


industrial hygiene, industrial disinfectant, disinfectant


swoop ef

Concentrated Liquid Skin Cleaner and Conditioner Quickly dissolves dirt and grime while conditioning skin with lanolin

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  • Powerful cleaner
  • Conditions skin
  • Clean, fresh fragrance
  • Water extendable
  • Non-flammable

Industrial liquid hand cleaner


Oxidizing Disinfectant

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  • VINOX-PH is best for food contact disinfection without environmental compromise.
  • VINOX-PH is environmentally responsible - it easily breaks down harmful byproducts.
  • VINOX-PH is easy to use - no pH control necessary and no rinsing required.


industrial hygiene, industrialdisinfectant, disinfectant



Alcohol Surface Sanitizer

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  • VIRADO can be applied directly to surfaces without the need to dilute or prepare  solutions. Requires no rinsing
  • VIRADO works against a wide range of micro-organisms including bacteria and viruses
  • VIRADO evaporates fast, needs no rinsing  after application
  • VIRADO is safe for use on food contact surfaces


industrial hygiene, industrial disinfection, industrial sanitation, food surface sanitisation, surface sanitizer